The 10 Greatest Classic Cars of all Time


Are you pondering about purchasing an exceptional new vehicle or merely fantasizing about buying one of the world’s speediest production models? For those who want the ultimate in classic style, for your collection or an exhilarating drive with a taste of history, check out our Top 10 Greatest Classic Cars listed below.

1. Jaguar E-Type


Popularly viewed as one of the most stunning cars in existence, the Jaguar E-Type was launched in 1961. It is one of the greatest classic cars of all time. Produced in the West Midlands town of Coventry, this chic sports coupe appears custom-built for the hinterland tracks of rural England. In many ways, it was. This essential of British motoring history still contains vitality. It can go up to 150 mph and brakes better than other cars from its period. Its market value is approximately US$95,000 to US$310,000.

2. Chevrolet Corvette (1967)


You cannot talk about the greatest classic cars of all time and not mention Chevrolet Corvette. 1963 was a crucial year for Chevrolet’s Corvette. In following model years, Chevrolet added impressive wheels, the 396 Big Block V8, and then, in 1966, it brought out the 427, 430 HP L-88 model, one of the most-sought antique Corvettes.

The C2 series finished in 1967, with the inclusion of 5 slot fender vents and the renowned 1967 hood scoop and different color Stinger stripe. The cleaned up 1967 model was apt close to the C2 series. Its value ranges from U$37,700 to U$124,000.

3. Lamborghini Countach LP400 (1974)


Lamborghini released a sample of its groundbreaking Countach at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show. Now, the Periscopo LP400 (1974) is typically held as the most collectible Countach. The styling features various, even, trapezoidal exteriors and large ducts and air ingestions. Sheet metal was created from aluminum, keeping the car relatively lightweight. And perhaps the vehicle’s key attraction was its lift-up, scissor-style doors, which would follow in other Lamborghini models.  Its value is estimated at around US$1,300,000 to US$2,000,000. This makes it feature in our greatest classic cars of all time.

4. Mercedes SL 300 Gullwing (1954)


Well-known for its classical gullwing doors, the Mercedes-Benz 300SL is suggestive of a bird in flight. Established as a profitable form of the Mercedes-Benz W194 race vehicle, the 300SL was the first customer car to include direct injection and was the speediest production vehicle of its time, with a top speed of 161 mph. Price begins from US$1,000,000 to US$1,450,000. This vintage piece of work is categorized among our greatest classic cars of all time.

5. Aston Martin DB4 (1958) 


The DB4 indicated Aston Martin’s shift from its Feltham, UK home to a fresh service at Newport Pagnell, where the brand was to stay for the remaining period. Nowadays, as when new, any DB4 is the vehicle for distinct motoring, ahead of Jags and luxury vehicles from Italy. They’re in limited number, so if you wish to drive one, try befriending a collector. This car is valued at around US$352,000 to US$755,000.

6. Shelby GT350 (1965) 


Also famed as Cobra, this good-performance successor of the Ford Mustang of US was a dearly loved in the 1960s. With Ford’s V8 engine, the Shelby GT350 was a genuine race car. When you push the gas pedal, it springs and rumbles. You will swiftly discover why designer Carroll Shelby is praised as a motoring mastermind. Currently, the Shelby GT350 remains an iconic performance machine, easily marked from other Mustangs by its ability. Its cost ranges from US$250,000 to US$500,000.

7. Porsche 356 (1951)


Porsche’s first production vehicle, the rear-engine, rear-wheel drive Porsche 356, endured 4 thriving generations before it was retired. Regarded as the most well-built of the four-cylinder Porsches from Germany, the 356 also delighted vintage vehicle professionals who largely consider it the most entertaining to drive. Buying one isn’t difficult when luxury is here to help you. The cost varies from US$58,300 to US$197,000.

8. Ferrari F40 (1987) 


In 1987, luxury car enthusiasts were treated to a vehicle with uncompromising quality. The F40 featured a Pininfarina-styled lightweight compound and aluminum form with IMSA-inspired broadened fenders and a severe interior, all for the sake of reducing weight. The engine, a 2.9-liter twin turbo V-8, created 478 hp. This powerful engine pushed the automobile from 0-60 in 4 seconds en route to a top speed of above 200 mph. Its cost ranges from US$1,100,000 to US$1,700,000. This is not just the greatest classic cars of all time but also a revolution of engines.

9. Rolls Royce Phantom I (1925)


As the primary version of Rolls-Royce’s long-running line of luxury sedans, the UK-created Phantom I defined the image for exclusive vehicles upon its launch in 1925. Well-known for its sleekness, speed, and consistency, Rolls-Royce’s flagship model displayed exemplary craftsmanship and a quality of resources that have aided to uphold the Phantom’s illustrious ranking today. The price tag on a 1925 Phantom I in the current market is estimated to be around US$1.2 million.

10. Ferrari 250TR Testarossa (1957) 


The 1957 250 TR was one of the first Ferraris to take the supreme Testarossa tag. Testarossa, or Red Head, refers to the car’s red-coated engine head covers. The most familiar characteristics of the reborn Pininfarina-designed Testarossa were the deep parallel strakes that ran the extent of both doors, supplying air into the radiators attached to the sides. 

Every one of these cars is not only an example of luxury and exceptional quality, but they have an important standing in automotive history. They are traditional and obtainable. Luxury can help you get behind the wheel of one or more of these automotive legends. The greatest classic cars of all time opened a window of innovation in the motor industry. Whether you are looking for the drive of your life or a fine model to crown your collection, any of these cars has the prestige and performance to fit the purpose.

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