5 Reasons To Buy A Hublot Big Bang


Youngest Yet Successful Swiss Watchmaker: Hublot

Hublot is one of the youngest Swiss luxury watchmaker founded in 1980.  Despite the lack of century-long history existence, Hublot has been roaming since the millennium.  Mentioned in another article, The Most Luxurious Watches in the World 2016, Hublot’s Big Bang collection became one of world’s most luxurious and popular watch pieces.  Many celebrities dive into Hublot, like Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  Furthermore, Kobe Bryant, Usain Bolt and Beyoncé even collaborated limited editions to create their own personal taste.  Well said, let’s look into the 5 reasons to buy a Hublot Big Bang.

Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot

1. The Legendary: Jean-Claude Biver

Jean-Claude Biver literally is the godfather of the luxury watchmaking industry.  He was world famous to singlehandedly resurrected the lancpain in the 80s and Omega in the 90s as well.   In 2004, he left a prominent marking on Hublot when he decided to assume duties as CEO.  Thereafter, Hublot created the Big Bang chronograph as a new flagship collection and was an immediate success.  Sales increased more than fivefold in 4 years.  No name can be as highly associated with the Big Bang collection than Jean-Claude Biver himself.

2. Core Concept: Art of Fusion

In 1980, Hublot marked the birth of the “Fusion” concept just a few months after being founded.  Back then, Biver embraced the conflict between the traditional and the future.  Hublot was the first watchmaker to create a watch which fused different materials, by combining gold and rubber.  They incorporated modern techniques to achieve carbon fibre dial that contrasts with the mirror-like bezel finishing.

To learn more, take a closer look at each unique component that makes the Big Bang the state-of-art with ROX in their creatively arranged interactive guide.  ROX took the extra mile to showcase the creation of Big Bang by dissembling every tiny piece flat on the table.

3. The Movement

Under the leadership of Biver, it took Hublot’s research and development housing 2 years to craft production of the UNICO calibre.  The piece has the classic look, rock solid workhorse of the modern era.  Although the sophisticate components design, the team managed to create a retractable platform escapement, which the watch owner’s initials can be engraved by special request!  This subtle and ingenious feature facilitates servicing and maintenance of the movement while allowing the timepiece to be personalised.

4. The Craft

Additionally, Jean-Claude Biver went further ahead and installed a foundry to produce Magic Gold.  It is a scratch-resistant 18-carat gold to keep your chunky oversized watch stay pristine from inevitable knocks and scrapes.

The components are no generic pieces.  The six “H”-shape screws on the bezel stress the importance of attention to detail in making the Big Bang not just any other luxury piece.

5. Exclusiveness

Big Bang is a highly customizable piece, thanks to the innovative design by the R&D team.  Customization can be as little as engraving initials on the UNICO, or as big as crafting limited editions with notable personnel like Dwyane Wade, Ferrari and FIFA World Cup.

Go to ROX’s website to learn more about the creation of Big Bang.  Go to Luxify to look for Hublot’s cornerstone piece.

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