What Limited Editions Should Be to Asian Buyers


Luxify and 99 Limited Editions Art House Brings What Limited Editions Should Be to Asian Buyers

Higher Power II – Limited Black Edition of only 9

Hong Kong, China, January 24, 2017 – A new collaboration between Luxify, Asia’s premier online luxury marketplace and 99 Limited Editions, a Fine Art House based in London, is offering art collectors a new way to tackle the issue of limited editions.

Art Appreciation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is commonly known as a reality-based city.  Soaring prices on lands discomfort the creative minds.  Despite the challenges surrounded, Hong Kong’s taste of art is growing strong and gains larger audiences than ever.  People are willing to dive into long-queued exhibitions like the recent Asia Contemporary Art Buyer, which was a great spring show and a highly anticipated comeback in September this year.

“Not only with record numbers achieved at Auction Houses, Hong Kong Art Fairs are growing in popularity every year.  Our city is now a major destination for all Art Collectors” says Florian Martigny, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Luxify.com.  Therefore, Luxify connects Asian art collectors with long established and innovative Art galleries throughout the world.

Problem with Limited Edition Arts

9 Dimensions of the Skull II – Limited Gold Edition of only 79

Limited edition art pieces surpass to another level of philosophy.  But there is a problem.  According to Jessica van Haselen, creative director of 99 Limited Editions, “The truth is that many platforms produce limited editions but when a particular artwork by a recognized artist becomes popular, they then re-release that piece in a different form.”  In many cases, galleries habitually sell its copyright to poster printing company to create several copies in photographic format.  Thus, owners no longer exclusively own it and the limited edition label is definitely from the book.

Certificate of Authenticity

Artist making the Too Much Talk III – Limited Platinum Edition of only 39

99 Limited Editions strives to pay as much respect to the artist and the piece itself by doing no other has done in the art world before.  Thus, They designed a state-of-the-art Certificate of Authenticity to protect the unique creativity and legal ownership.  Furthermore, this promises the piece is the one and only limited edition art that will ever be released.

“Indeed there are many galleries commissioned and sell prints of an original piece and that defeats the sole idea of limited edition.  I would be raped if my limited edition piece is no longer limited.  Obviously, I want something that is unique for my space,” says Florian.  “99 Limited Editions brilliantly had the idea and actually implemented it to become a niche in the art market.  Hopefully, more platforms will agree and comply to it, turning a concept into a promise to customers.  Also, I have to stress, we are very proud to be partners with 99 Limited Editions to bring truly limited edition pieces to our customers.”

About 99 Limited Edition

99 Limited Editions is a London-based fine art house . They are literally rocket flying.  99 Limited Editions is not a gallery but a house of creative team collaborating with respected artists and photographers.  Their concept is neat, creating unique original limited edition artwork at an affordable price rather than mass-production printings that lack authenticity. To explore limited fine art and learn more about their concept, visit www.99limitededitions.com.

About Luxify

Florian Martigny, Co-Founder of Luxify.com

Luxify is a start-up of over three years, and already is Asia’s leading online marketplace for luxury.  Providing an easy and safe platform to access the luxury market, Luxify allows you to discover a vast collection of the very finest luxury goods.  For more information about Luxify, visit luxify.com.