A New Way of Living through Mobile Homes


Traditionally we associate the word ‘Home’ as a house that we live in and a place where we identify familiarity. Over time the perception of a house has changed in terms of its mobility and the first concept of mobile homes date back to 1745.

Image of the Model T Ford
One of the earliest Mobile Homes

Although motorhomes are not the most favoured option because of the shape and concerns regarding comfort, the transition of living a new way can provide many benefits, namely financial savings and traveling flexibility.

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles have been around since the 1930s all across USA and was used for traveling and vacationing. But people slowly moved into the vehicles as their personal home. These vehicles were known for their large size but also carried many features just like a normal house. The current recreational vehicles include beds, kitchen, shower, electricity and now it even incorporates internet. According to BBC News mobile homes make up 6.4% of the US housing sector with around 8.5 million of them and housing 20 million people. There is a growing trend of the shift to non-conventional houses. Recently a new vehicle named the world’s most luxurious mobile home called the eleMMent Palazzo Superior from Austria was introduced.

Image of the eleMMent Palazzo Superior

What’s so special about this vehicle compared to an ordinary Recreational Vehicle?

Firstly, the design is a combination of motor-sports, aviation and yachting while using carbon fiber materials for elite performance. Implementing the idea of aviation the Palazzo Superior has a setting on the windscreen that can be adjusted to be darker for sun protection. The Palazzo Superior installed a 60+mm wall increases the safety, durability and stability of the vehicle. The Sky Lounge gives a panoramic view and a seating area designed like a yacht for the comfort of the users.

Interior of the eleMMent Palazzo Superior

Image of the bedroom in the eleMMent Palazzo Superior

Additionally, the temperatures can be set differently at specific areas to accommodate for the needs of the driver and the passengers. The luxury mobile home has an incredible 4 meter couch situated closely to the bar with a wine cabinet. In the 21st century many people have changed their perspective on houses and their lifestyle. The demand of mobile homes have increased and defining a new way of living.