Amazing Cars at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017


All eyes are now focused on the future, and Japan vehicle industry is fixated on just that. In 2017’s Tokyo motor show, crazy (in a right way) futuristic models of vehicles were showcased leaving most of those in attendance amazed and extremely exhilarated at how technology is rapidly changing things. Below are some of the cars on display.


This inexplicable new concept by Japanese manufacturing firm, Toyoda Gossei has brought rubber on the road making it one of the most fantastic car ideas ever. The company showcased their dent proof model which has airbags on the outside beautifully designed to give it a futuristic look. Toyoda says that the car has shapeshifting rubber-powered electrically aimed at protecting the driver. Also ensuring that the exterior is not damaged at all by absorbing the impact of the collision. The LED lights make it easily visible at night.

Cross hub

Cross hub comes at a time when demand for small pickups which can still carry a sizeable load are in need. The concept from Yamaha brings in a diamond-shaped layout of the seats which allow the mini-pickup (178inches long) to have the capability of carrying two motorbikes in the back. It’s meant for both on-road and off-road driving.

Mercedes’ Smart vision EQ ForTwo

This fantastic car meant to be an android taxi which provides individualistic transport. The model car is purely electric and has no pedal or steering wheel. The car will also be able to communicate with pedestrians through the screen on the outside. When not shuttling people around the city, the EQ will display things like sports, the time and even the weather.

MWC-4 leaning multi-wheel leaning vehicle

Yamaha has undoubtedly outdone herself when it comes to the introduction of the MWC-4 which is a 4-wheel vehicle with two seats.  The company also made sure that there was a compartment at where the driver can store a musical instrument. To power the car, Yamaha plans to install dual electric motors and extender engine.

Concept I series

Toyota showcase some amazing cars which were concept I series and they include one the I-ride and I-walk. I-ride is wrapped around large windows to allow the driver to have access to see the entire road around him/her and doors open going upwards. Its compact nature will ease into parking. Also as it is specially for wheelchair users, then wheelchair parking spots will be unnecessary. I-walk, on the other hand, is meant to be used by pedestrians on the sidewalks. Also, it resembles a scooter only smaller and cooler.

Sora electric bus

Of all fantastic cars to designed, Toyota aims to launch its concept electrical bus before 2020. The aim is to have a bus that serves the people and is environmentally friendly by not emitting any carbon dioxide. To give the passengers a comfortable experience, the interior of the bus is with horizontal seats on the sides of the bus to allow even those with wheelchairs. Cameras are also inside and outside the bus for monitoring. Together with the bus comes a vehicle by Toyota called the fine comfort ride concept. It also uses the same technology but is for personal use.

TJ cruiser

The half van half SUV makes it to the list of most amazing concept cars in 2017. Designed by Toyota, the vehicle was built because of the increasing demand for SUV. As people with active lives especially those with family and have to outdoor driving daily. T stands for toolbox which means it can carry a lot of luggage and J stands for joy. The coating on its body is scratch resistant.

Honda Neuv (new electronic urban vehicle)

This amazing car designed by Honda is meant to boost the driving experience with a system that is somewhat emotion to the extent of reading the drivers moods and emotions then giving suggestions on how to drive well. The car can memorize your frequently visited restaurant. Also, when stressed it can suggest you visit a coffee shop to cool down. When not in use the car can autonomously drive itself and chauffeur people around and earns you money.


The Isuzu designed delivery vehicle is surely the epitome of the future. The blue vehicle comes with a centrally located steering wheel but shockingly no driver seat. Isuzu mentions that it has a strong loading structure but details of how heavy were left out.


The name says everything. E-survivor is an all-electric SUV fitted with two seats, large wheels with non-existent wheel overhangs. It has an open roof hang almost resembling a jeep. A screen is located on the steering wheel and another on the windscreen giving it the futuristic appearance we see in movies. Let’s not fail to mention that the vehicle has an autonomous configuration.


Students also made their way in the motor show this year by introducing a concept car called the collapse. Aichi high school of technology and engineering came up with a futuristic electric vehicle of their own with a single person capacity.

The future isn’t that far away to get the savings ready to be the first people to these cool futuristic vehicles. Also, this may change the way humans relate to the road. From what we are seeing it’s going to be an environmentally cleaner and safer place with cars of the future.