Bali’s 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Pools


The Indonesian island is a temple for the mind, body and soul. Although small, the island of Bali offers the natural beauty of unique water bodies, oceans, volcanic mountains and green rainforest. Apart from their extraordinary cuisine, it is the swimming pools in Bali that make this gorgeous island stand out in Asia.


1.     Hanging Gardens of Bali

Hanging Gardens is an exotic destination where dreams meet reality. Although the hotels come with impeccable services such as the spa collection and out of the world scenery, it is the pool that stands out as a superb specimen of creativity that entices guest to lengthen their stay in the hotel and even compel those who haven’t visited yet. The double-layered pool has a natural look to it that makes it appear like a minute lake with one being a few feet above the other as they overlook the green rainforest. The location of the pool makes it significant because of the resorts situation high above the forest below and around it. It’s not just a pool worth swimming in but one worth living in.


2. Karma Kandara

Following the hanging gardens is the pool in Karma Kandara which overlooks the blue ocean and with the warm breeze gently stroking your face as you enjoy the warm water illuminated by yellow lights at night in the pool. The pool also brings in the natural aspect of Bali with the green tropical trees on the upper side. The view is made even more tantalizing by the fact that the hotel is on a cliff and the ocean is seen from an Arial position. The infinity pool also comes with a massage treatment and karma spa collection.


3.     The Istana

The luxury villa holds a cliff top location facing the beach which is five minutes away. The two swimming pools are well decorated with beautiful gardens with stunning views adjacent a spa. From the pool, the guest can enjoy sublime sunsets as they overlook the sand beached and the lagoon with abundant sea life and coral. The position of the pool was to ensure that you experience all gifts of nature in Bali.

4.     Semara Resort

Although Semara is a small beautiful hotel, it is one of the best because of the quiet and exclusive Cliffside and its different beach which is the best in Bali. The resort has an extensive b-shaped pool which to your eyes seems as blue as the ocean a few meters from the cliff. The emerald tropic trees around the resort will make the sight worth dying for.

5.     Sundara Four Seasons

Talk about an extensive pool almost fifty meters long and directly linked to the sandy beach with the ocean less than two minutes away. The pools allow the guest to enjoy the sight of the orange evening sun. This is because the green tree rest behind the pool facing the resort. The pool stands out with the fact that the pool and the ocean merge to be close to one thing.

6.     Ayana Resort

There’s nothing more satisfying as sinking your body in a pool in the quiet and serene cliff top location overlooking the private beaches of Jimbaran Bay. The meandering shape of the pool makes it stand out from the others which often maintain the traditional rectangular shape. The unique shape of the pool and the green vegetation around it makes it a place to die for.

7.     Banyan Tree Ungasan

The Banyan Tree Ungasan is on Bali’s southernmost Peninsula high above the heaving waters of the ocean. Exquisite garden design surrounds the pool sending you to a different world. The abstractly shaped pool with extended arches is blue during the day. And it is lit with bright white light at night. The pool has also surrounding small fountains that add to the beautiful design. Its raised cliff location makes it one of the best pools in the world.

8.     The Mulia

Who would fail to name the Mulia pool as one of the best in the world? Its design is a simple rectangular fashion and is directly adjacent to the beach. From one end of the pool to the other on both sides is a parade of colossal sculptures which give it the whole area a classical age appearance. It is one pool that will surely take you from this earth.

9.     Blue heaven

Blue heaven restaurant and bar is also one establishment with quite an impressive swimming pool facing the beach. The paradise is located on a cliff giving it the vintage advantage when it comes to scenery and beauty. The arching swimming pool is in a good design and has a BLUE HEAVEN on the floor outside the pool.

10.    The Edge

Hanging on the side of a 500ft cliff, the edge offers guests in her swimming pool with a serene and breathe taking a view of the beach and ocean and above all the beautiful orange evening sun. The bean-shaped swimming pool is a sight to see. Also with the chill joint outside the pool well designed to keep the guest entertained after the swim. The height at which the pool is located makes it quite outstanding as compared to all other pools in Bali.

Get a chance to visit Bali and enjoy the beautiful site seeing. It can be appreciated as you swim in the warm and elegant pools of Bali.