The Best Neighborhoods for Luxury Living in California


California is a great state to live in. It is a progressive state with relaxed regulations, great overall ambiance, and beautiful landscapes to explore. California is the perfect place to enjoy luxury living at its best too, especially with cities near beaches, modern amenities pampering you to the max, and many more.

If you’re thinking about moving to California and you’re looking for the best neighborhoods to consider, you have come to the right page. In this article, we are going to take a look at the best neighborhoods in which you can enjoy California’s unique take on luxury living. Let’s get started, shall we?

Newport Beach, Orange County

There aren’t that many neighborhoods in California as famous as Newport Beach. The area was featured in the hit TV series ‘The OC’, which circles around the lives of Newport’s rich and famous. The neighborhood is just as the series depicted. It is beautiful, filled with luxury amenities, and well-maintained.

You only need to do a quick search for Newport Beach homes for sale to understand the charm of this neighborhood. Properties in this area are just as beautiful as the landscape that surrounds them. The beach is only a few minutes away, no matter where you are in Newport.

The area is also great for those looking to invest in real estate. Newport Beach properties maintain their value well and offer investors a good level of growth in the long run. While there isn’t a big market for short-term rental properties due to the exclusivity of the neighborhood, buying a property in this area is a fantastic long-term investment nonetheless.

Irvine, Orange County

Sticking with Orange County, we have the city of Irvine. Unlike Newport Beach, Irvine is more famous for its tightly-knitted communities and modern amenities. Nevertheless, the city is home to many remarkable luxury apartments and mansions.

Irvine can even be seen as a village with many interesting things to do and places to explore. There is the annual Irvine Global Village Festival, which features more than 50 different cultures. You can also sample the best cuisines by celebrity chefs and even go on regular hikes or adventures at Quail Hill.

Another thing that makes Irvine interesting is its shopping scene. Luxury brands and designer outlets are easy to find in this city. In fact, you can find virtually everything you need without a problem.

Santa Monica

We really can’t talk about luxury neighborhoods in California without talking about iconic Santa Monica. For years, Santa Monica was the go-to neighborhood for those seeking the ultimate luxury experience. Aside from the long list of things to do, the city is also home to many great museums and cultural centers.

Being a beachfront city is a huge plus. Similar to Newport Beach, you can expect properties in this city to hold their value well through tougher times. They also offer great long-term growth, making them sound investments.

Just make sure you are prepared for the Santa Monica lifestyle; the city can be very lively at times.