Best Restaurants in Singapore Specifically For You


For the longest time, Singapore has made a name for herself as one of the leading countries in stylish, authentic cooking that leaves all who taste her delicacies yearning for more. The Lion city has proved herself in blending fine meals in unique and surprising ways. Our previous post, 2017 Restaurants Not To Be Missed, cannot do justice to Singapore.  Here are some of the best restaurants to visit in the country and get to experience a journey of a lifetime.

1.     Braci

Located on the rooftop of a restored heritage shop house, Braci is a rooftop bar and restaurant run by the renowned chef Beppe De Vito. The restaurant embraces an open kitchen layout and sits only twenty people. But don’t let the size and simplicity of the restaurant fool you for it has received the Michelin Star. The kitchen takes up almost half of the space and is controlled by five cooks and two waiters giving you an open view of some ritual dance as they cook and plate your meals. The food is also top class and provides quality Italian cuisine. Get the experience and enjoy tasting a 4-course wonder for $100 which may include beef Tartare, risotto, sea bass, Roasted pigeons, hand dived scallop and pumpkin pie.

2.     Burnt Ends

The name speaks a lot about her work. The Australian style barbecue restaurant is not fit to be a conventional Indonesian restaurant, especially for its food and layout. The restaurant offers counter seats and an open kitchen where you enjoy watching your raw food take shape into a delicious finished course. However, this is no ordinary barbecue because Chef Dave Pynt has customized ovens and grills where they are smoked and cooked in extreme temperatures so that flavor can be enhanced. The menu comes with Rump cap Burnt onion and Bone Marrow, Porked Tomahawk, apple and bourbon glaze and so much more. Enjoy the casual environment as you await your food from the serious cooks doing their work of art.

3.     Long Beach Seafood

Known as the seafood heaven for most Singaporean, the restaurant has been internationally acclaimed for serving the finest and freshest seafood ever specifically the spicy version of the chili crab. The level and choice of spice in their food sets her apart from other hotels, and this has led to international visitors stopping in East Coast Parkway specifically to have a taste of the rare meals offered in Long Beach. Other dishes are also provided, and this includes Deep fried whole grouper in Shanghai style, Crispy duck, Live golden stripe lobster, Steam live Scottish razor clams with minced garlic and so much more.

4.     National Kitchen by Violet Oon

Located in the Iconic city hall building, Violet Oon offers luxurious meals presented in well designed and decorated environment which gives you a dining experience you will always remember. With a blend of both traditional and modern design, the Violet Oon has a stylish elegance that may compel you to dine here through your stay in Singapore. The interior decor is a sight to behold because of the merging colors of dark wood furnishings well blended with the rich blue, jade and gold accents to accentuate the traditional Nonya culture. The menu serves dishes of Peranakan, Malay, Indian and Chinese flavors.

5.     Odette

The restaurant was explicitly designed as a work of art. The interior design uses natural raw elements, displayed in a soft color palette of pink terrazzo marble, with timber and brass accents and a beautiful natural timber. Chef Julien Royer ensures that his menu is produce driven and the cuisine offered to have the best seasonal ingredients from around the world and still retaining their purest form and flavor. The menu comes with a blend of Asian and contemporary French cuisine which fits nicely with the music and even the champagne.

6.     Shoukouwa

Having been awarded 2-Michelin stars (4 months after its opening) for the only edomae sushi restaurant in Singapore, the restaurant has continued making its name with its fine Japanese dining which is rare in Singapore. The eight-seater restaurant is well designed to allow you to have an amazing experience in the environment as you take your food. The menu is simple as it offers two kinds of Omakase for dinner; the Miyabi (20 courses) and Hana (25 courses).

7.     The Coconut Club

It is true to say that Singapore is a food-loving just like America is crazy about baseball. The coconut club comes with a tantalizing cocktail and creative cuisines. The restaurant has a rustic interior that sets the moods to a causal one, old-school décor and an open bar. Dishes offered include fried fish, Sambal Lala, Otak-Otak, savur Lemak and many more. You may expect some coconut drink, but you’ll get even better well-balanced, refreshing drinks. It’s a fantastic joint to visit especially during the weekends with friends.

8.     Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant

Unlike most other restaurants on our list, Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant was started in 1988 and has been winning many awards since then. The restaurant welcomes you with a sophisticated elegance beginning with the contemporary interiors with oriental motifs, and rotunda well-lit by a glowing chandelier. The menu comes with Cantonese cuisine other classics such as baked barbecue pork buns, egg white Dumplings, crab meat and much more.

Take a trip to Singapore and enjoy the creativity the food lovers put in meals to give you a lifetime experience and not a one-time meal.


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