Latest Trends in Interior Design

You don’t have a reason to be left out this fall when it comes to how the interior of your room looks. The interior design industry is all about color, style, fabric, prints, and wallpapers and to top it all up let’s not forget not to forget accessories When it comes to the fall of […]

Paris Contemporary Art Fair

As the season’s shifts in “Paname” art crazies, collectors are filled with antsy for the annual Paris modern art fair. It is one of the three most important art fairs in the world, The Foire International d’Art Contemporain (FIAC). It is something that will leave Paris busy and excited for the four days between October […]

The Cosmic Touch of Ceramic

The house looks nothing less than heaven when you use designer ceramic products to decorate it. Just imagine about ravishing round ceramic pots placed at the window side adding charm to its beauty, the velvet touch ceramic vases placed at the corner of the house completing the overall look, the flabbergasting flower pots placed on […]

What Limited Editions Should Be to Asian Buyers

Luxify and 99 Limited Editions Art House Brings What Limited Editions Should Be to Asian Buyers Hong Kong, China, January 24, 2017 – A new collaboration between Luxify, Asia’s premier online luxury marketplace and 99 Limited Editions, a Fine Art House based in London, is offering art collectors a new way to tackle the issue […]

9th Asia Contemporary Art Show Next Month

As the partner of the Asia Contemporary art-antiques Show (ACAS), Luxify is delighted to announce the return of Asia Contemporary art-antiques Show for its 9th edition in just over a month, again at the convenient, 5-star Conrad Hong Kong. From over 80 local and international exhibitors, the Show features more than 2,500 artworks including original […]

Successful inaugural edition of Singapore Contemporary

Contemporary Art Singapore, Monday, January 25, 2016: The inaugural edition of Singapore Contemporary closed on a high note on Sunday evening January 24th, with eager art collectors and enthusiasts still filling the 6,000-square-meter hall as the event closed at 6 pm. More than 16,000 visitors from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries attended the four-day […]

All Eyes on Southeast Asian Art

Too much of the world, the image of Southeast Asia is stimulated through cultural elements. This curation of religious monuments, architecture, dance and brightly colored traditional clothing paints a picture of unity and social harmony. In addition, scratch beneath the surface and the region of deep historical narrative presents much underlying critical inquiry. Outlining 11 countries, […]

Hong Kong: The New Art Destination

 Apart from its notoriously high property prices and hectic lifestyles, Hong Kong does have the crave to manifest itself to the global world with its unique artistic language. Hong Kong’s art scene has been showered with unprecedented events over the last two years. We have seen art-antiques Basel’s Hong Kong debut in 2013. This is […]

Takashi Murakami: A Work of Art

Dubbed as the Japanese counterpart of the celebrated American artist, Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami – a graduate from the Tokyo National University – is recognized for his fusion of classical Japanese painting techniques with pop, otaku and animé. Using an aesthetic identified as “Superflat”, Murkami’s work illustrates Japanese and Western influences and spans fashion, animation, […]