5 Reasons To Buy A Hublot Big Bang

Youngest Yet Successful Swiss Watchmaker: Hublot Hublot is one of the youngest Swiss luxury watchmaker founded in 1980.  Despite the lack of century-long history existence, Hublot has been roaming since the millennium.  Mentioned in another article, The Most Luxurious Watches in the World 2016, Hublot’s Big Bang collection became one of world’s most luxurious and […]

The Rickenbacker Guitars that Changed the World

In the world of antiquities, an object so rare. The historical and cultural significance far surpass any collectible known to date, will surface.  Thus, today is that day. Therefore, LUXIFY & the International Musical Instrument Exchange (INTMIX), are proud to offer the Worlds First Electric Guitar (Full-scale) Rickenbacher Electro-Spanish. Only 46 of these incredible Rickenbacker […]

Pleyel, The World’s oldest piano maker

PLEYEL, the oldest piano manufacturer in the world (since 1807) and the only one in France. It aims at producing high-end grand pianos. Also, it provides a rare, unique and contemporary design with a high quality of acoustics for people looking for refined music instruments, elegant Art de vivre, collector’s pieces.  First of all, Pleyel was a renowned musician […]

Takashi Murakami: A Work of Art

Dubbed as the Japanese counterpart of the celebrated American artist, Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami – a graduate from the Tokyo National University – is recognized for his fusion of classical Japanese painting techniques with pop, otaku and animé. Using an aesthetic identified as “Superflat”, Murkami’s work illustrates Japanese and Western influences and spans fashion, animation, […]

Louis Vuitton: A Regal Journey

Widely recognized by its distinct emblem, Louis Vuitton is celebrated for its timeless staples and unique monogrammed pattern emblazoned with its characteristic diamonds, flowers and circles. Despite its diversification into ready-to-wear apparel and handbags, the brand continues to pay homage to its origin as a producer of trunks. Although Vuitton has been associated with opulence […]