World’s Most Expensive Vodka is Safe in Hong Kong

Imagine the shock when Michel Morren learned from a news alert that the “world’s most expensive vodka” had been stolen. Creator and owner of ‘The Eye of the Dragon’ valued at the minimum, a staggering USD $5.5 million, Michel Morren immediately accessed his vault in Hong Kong where the extravagant bottle of vodka is being […]

Cherry Blossom with Sake-Whiskey

There’s nothing as exciting as the feel of the warm sun at the beginning of spring which takes us back outsides after months of chilling winter. In Japan annual Hanami celebrations -meaning admiring flowers are famous. Also, they are cherry blossom festival which runs from the end of March to end of April. The festival […]

Top 5 Japanese Whiskeys

For centuries Scotland and Ireland have been the regions that produce world’s most refined whiskey. However, over the years a shift has been seen in other regions such as Japan and Kentucky producing some of the world’s remarkable whiskeys. The Japanese are artistic and a bit mysterious in most of the leading products that they […]

Japanese Whisky: The Vanishing Spirit

Japanese Whisky

The whisky industry is as much a numbers game as it is one entirely ‘controlled’ by chance. And when it comes to a well-aged statement drop, the right production numbers are anyone’s guess. Over-produced, and you’re left with excess supply that could take years to recover from. Under produce, and surging demand and, consequently, dwindling […]

Wine Investment and En Primeur

The traditional wine merchant was the jovial soul who looked after his flock with carefully chosen wines, brought onto the wine list at a time when it was felt that these wines could be opened by the clients without them suffering from excessive youthful acidity in the White wines and similar acidity and mouth numbing […]

Rosé Miraval: A Taste of France

A sprawling property with 35 bedrooms, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt strategically purchased the Château Miraval because of the stringent privacy policies enforced in France. Initially belonging to French nobility, ownership of Château Miraval was passed on to a renowned inventor and later, a respected musician/composer before the prominent couple acquired it. With a vineyard […]

Wine Investment Advices

Wine Investment is not linear by Peter Lunzer from Lunzer Wine Investments Ltd “While the Bordeaux 2009’s and 2010’s prices tumbled and pricing remains soft, the 2000’s are gaining ground” Too many people were sold the myth that all fine wine investment perpetually rise in value. The most gullible of all were the owners of the […]