The Most Expensive Bottled Water Brands in the World


Nothing compares to an ice-cold glass of water when you feel thirsty, am I right? However, how quickly are going to pour yourself a glass when the water has cost you over $1,000. Just like anything else in the world, too much of anything can be bad for our overall health. Drinking 2 liters of water every day can be questionable with the bottles of water that we are mentioning in this article.

You may ask yourself why? Why should I invest my hard earned money on expensive water? The answer to that is simple. The water inside of those bottles is guaranteed to be pure and clean. You no longer have to worry about drinking Lead, Arsenic, and bacteria. As well as, if you can afford it why not? The majority of the bottles are engraved in gold and diamonds. They will look great in your bar.

Bling H2O

Cost: $40 per 750ml 

This eco-friendly water is all that you need if you want to take care of yourself and the environment. This water has been produced by Kevin G Boyd, the famous Hollywood writer. In fact, many celebrities drink this on set. There is a 9-step purification process that ensures the company’s award-winning taste. The bottle is highly sophisticated and it will bring a touch of elegance and a source of hydration for the body. You may have noticed that this water is being used in high-end restaurants, spas, and even nightclubs. Many companies have replaced Fiji water with Bling H2O. 


The reason why this is preferred by thousands of people worldwide is due to the fact that it has an excellent taste. If you’re not a big fan of water coming from the tap or plastic bottles, you should consider consuming this water. The water comes from the English Mountain Spring, which is located at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. When you drink it, you will be hit with a refreshing taste that is pure and clean. 


Cost: $219 per 750ml 

This bottle has a unique design which looks like the King and Queen pieces of the famous game, Chess. The bottles are made from Swarovski crystals and they will bring a touch of elegance and luxury. If the normal plastic bottle cannot be displayed, you will notice straight away that this bottle can be part of your collection. What’s special about it is the fact that the water is extracted from Kobe, Japan. Kobe is located almost in the center of Japan, near Osaka. There are only two companies in the world that are allowed to use the name “Kobe Water” and this is one of them. 


The water found in Kobe is natural mineral water that has a smooth and refreshing taste. It’s also filled with minerals as it goes through granite for a long period of time. The minerals melt in the water and it ends up in superiorly clean. It contributes positively to our health as:

  • There are no water contaminants
  • High in minerals 
  • It hydrates the body properly

Kona Nigari Water

Cost: $402 per 750ml 

This is actually the second most expensive water bottle in the world. Kona Deep is sourced from a unique deep ocean current that can only be accessed of the coast of Kona, Hawaii. A study achieved by the University of Arizona, School of Medicine has found that this water hydrates twice as fast as spring water or sports drinks. It’s natural, calorie-free and good for the body. By paying that much, you will ensure that the water you’re drinking does more good than harm. Even though it’s extracted from the ocean, it doesn’t mean that it’s salty. In fact, all of the salt is extracted and nothing is added to the water. 


You won’t only do good to yourself, you will also take care of the environment. This is because Kona doesn’t use plastic bottles in the process and it uses a unique renewable water source. The planet won’t be affected regardless of how much water the company will extract. Some of its benefits are:

  • It’s recommended by dermatologists for those with severely dry skin
  • It’s recommended by fitness trainers as it’s deeply hydrating
  • The water contains deep ocean electrolytes 


Whilst there’s no hiding the fact that they are much better than the standard bottled water, you will find that you can achieve the same results by investing. All that you will need to do is to invest in to a machine that will remove the contaminants in the water that you are drinking currently and it will do just as much good as the most expensive water bottles. We recommend that you invest in water filters. The majority of them are capable of removing up to 99% of water contaminants and they will improve the taste of the water. It’s a known fact that Bling H2O does the same purification process as the water filters. The water goes through purifying stages in order to ensure purity and removal of bacteria.

The very important thing to remember is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to stay healthy. Due to the fact that contaminants are everywhere. Including in the air, you are breathing right now. They attack your immune system and if you’re exposed to toxic air for a long period of time, it can be fatal. Just because you live in America, it doesn’t mean that you are safe. In fact, thousands of Americans die due to the bacteria and viruses there’s in the air.
 The good thing about this problem is that scientists have come up with a solution. Air purifiers are capable of not only removing pollen, pet dander, and odors. They are also efficient enough to remove harmful toxins. As long as you drink clean water and protect yourself from air pollution, you will reduce the risks of premature death. As we’ve mentioned, you don’t have to go broke in order to stay healthy.