Luxurious Décor Tips


Visitors to your home are going to spend a lot of time in your living room. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be the rooms that get the most attention when it comes to renovating, but your living room also provides plenty of opportunities for you to reflect your style and taste. Before you start making any plans, there are some things you first need to consider. What kind of design are you looking for? How big is your space? How do you plan to use the space when you’ve finished and are there things that need replacing? Once you’ve answered these questions, you can start to make your room look luxurious.

Make Use of Large-Scale Art

It’s possible to get that wow factor by hanging an oversize piece of art on one of your living room walls. There’s minimal hassle involved, and the look will be high impact and chic. Take a look around your local flea markets for a bargain, or you could get creative and make your own. As well as creating a focal point, hanging art on the walls can make your house feel more like a home. 

Declutter and Simplify

If your living is cluttered and you’ve gone over the top with the accessories, it’s going to look very messy and disorganized. For a home to feel luxurious, it has to be free of clutter. Take a minimalist approach and get rid of all unnecessary furniture. Doing so will leave your statement pieces with room to make an impact. Pare down your collection and keep pieces that have sentimental value. 

Choose Your Flooring Wisely

When it comes to the flooring, there are several luxurious options. Wood is the most practical, and it can bring an elegant feel to the room. Tiling is also possible if you want a crisp, uniform contemporary feel. For those family evenings together, consider adding a luxurious rug so that you can keep your toes warm, whatever the weather outside. Find the best carpet cleaning company in your area, and they’ll be able to keep it looking as good as new. 

Add Elegant Drapery for the Windows

For that instant lift and easy update, swap out your window treatments for high-end fabrics and textures. Use linen, silk, or textured curtains, and you’ll completely change the room. You don’t want your living room to feel dark and dreary so choose lighter shades and elegant curtain rods. 

Stunning Lighting Features

In the living room, you can start with a large overhead piece, provided you’ve got a large enough room to handle it. Enhance the space further by adding decorative, chic table lamps. Lighting does more than look beautiful. It can also set the mood for your room. Choose soft lights rather than fluorescent lights, and you’ll notice the difference.

For the final touch of luxury add some decorative vases filled with beautiful flowers and greenery. Such natural décor will make your home feel opulent and expensive. If you don’t want to buy flowers every week, try plants that don’t require too much in the way of care, but bloom in cycles and last for years.