Serviced Aparments: Finding a Home Away from Home


The key to understanding a market’s position within the global economy lies in correctly observing the tell-tale signs that show up due to the nature of modern business. Companies cannot expect stability in their daily operation if they rely on a modus operandi which leads to a draught of ideas, or – even worse – in detaching themselves from their employees.

Business apartments provided by VISIONAPARTMENTS are a prime example of a new solution to one of the key problems of the modern era: the problem of alienation. The constant flow of goods and services failed to address the needs of a modern business traveller, creating a life that is a blur of shiny hotel lobbies and nondescript accommodations, neglecting a person’s identity.

The Positive Business Psychology

It is often the case that the mobility of a business is dictated by the needs of a company. Many employers, when attempting to offer a proper package to their employee, resort to a standard industry package, that doesn’t look past the number of stars a hotel has. The negative aspect of this approach to a person’s psychic wellbeing has become particularly pronounced in the last decade.

This approach can lead to a life where a person is leaving the workplace only to drift in a world where everything is temporary, and the notion of property and homeliness stops existing. Serviced apartment providers correctly assessed this problem and in turn offered accommodation that does not fail to meet the traveller’s luxury needs, while simultaneously creating a custom fit experience, in tune with the identity of an individual.

A Formula that Created a Global Market Niche

Serviced Apartments market was spontaneously created when a certain realization set in: the realization that the main facet of the digital age is represented in its adaptability to the ever-changing circumstances while moving forward. It is a classic case of an opportunity created by demand.

This in turn formulated a new approach to accommodation, one that can both answer to these demands and create a field that finds stability in the inevitable fluctuation. As always, good communication is the key – it avoids the pitfalls of complacent business behavior and listens to the people who are in the middle of all this happening, never failing to learn and put this knowledge to a good use.

Creating Synergy Between Two Facets of Modern Life

A global business must rely on a solid foundation, which is reinforced by creating a personal space and a sense of identity for their employees. Otherwise, it risks creating a feeling of detachment within the workforce, and doubt about whether the company and the people it employs still share the same goals. In the high mobility circumstances, this notion can easily drift out of sight.

For the employee, following the job does not have to mean leaving home. If a person fails to find comfort in the surroundings after the work day is done, it risk losing both business focus and personal satisfaction. The answer for the problems both sides face lies in finding synergy between the professional and the personal. Serviced apartments are on the rise precisely because they offer a creative solution to the individual problem: the ability to adapt, provide for and understand the needs of both the company and the individual.