Luxury Additions to Your Opulent Home

It can often seem simpler to invest your money in attractive property, premium clothing and vintage motor vehicles than it is to make those smaller purchases that contribute to a luxury interior you can be truly proud of. Decorative household items should possess a luxury element and present a marvelous opportunity to invest your cash […]

How to Select the Correct Subwoofer?

By adding a subwoofer,this can really improve the audio system’s performance. If you like enjoying sound effects,then you will be looking for a subwoofer. When you think about a car subwoofer,then you may get an image of a bone-shaking and tooth-rattling bass. There is much more to subwoofers then simply this. When it comes to […]

5 Tips to Prepare for a Wedding

Getting married is a something many people see as a milestone in their lives. It should be considered one as it marks the beginning of a new life that you vow to share with someone you love and want to build a family with. The process ofgetting down the aisle, however, can be one filled […]

The Most Anticipated Yacht Shows in 2018

The Most Anticipated Yacht Shows in 2018   The spring yacht show season has been better than ever this year, with Barcelona’s brand new The Superyacht Show by LYBRA (Large Yacht Brokers Association) joining with its hugely successful inaugural event in May. MYBA’s recent move from Genoa to Barcelona for its iconic charter yacht show […]

Erin Boisson Aries Team at Christie’s International joins Luxify to feature an extraordinary residence in NYC

  Supported by the esteemed art business, Christie’s International Real Estate is a global network offering exclusive home and luxury real estate services to buyers and sellers worldwide. Its affiliated network extends to more than 138 Affiliated brokerages in 46 countries, achieving more than US$115 billion of residential real estate sales in 2016. “It is a great honour to […]

The Rise of Wearable Tech

In the technology infused world of today, the emergence of tech-wearables has been a hot topic in mainstream lifestyle for a while now. Many companies are joining the wearable tech movement and offering a range of products to an eager consumer base. From the highly functional to the fashion-conscious set there is now something for […]

 Get Inspired by the South Florida Luxury Real Estate

From world-renowned architecture & developers, to overwhelming views, upgraded features & fixtures and resort-style amenities, here at Luxify, we are eager to show you some of the most exclusive living developments in South Florida.  Take glimpse at five of the most luxurious residential buildings set right in the heart of South Florida. Bristol Brickell This […]

Planning A Luxurious Event

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or graduation, among others, an event requires a lot of planning. Every event’s planning process is a little different depending on the type of event that is being held. After all, you won’t need a wedding cake at a birthday party, nor will you need cupcakes with graduation caps at […]

A Perfect Day (and Night) of Luxury in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo has always been the playground of the rich and famous, and it’s easy to see why with its incredible views, amazing nightlife and glamorous hotels. Monte Carlo is the central quarter of the principality of Monaco, as they say good things come in small packages and this is certainly true of this independent city-state. Monaco […]

Top 10 Yacht Builders for Your Superyacht Project

Building your own superyacht is the pinnacle of yacht ownership. But how to decide which shipyard is the right one to take your dream and turn it into reality? There are a multitude of luxury yacht builders all competing for your dollar, so how do you choose between them? That depends very much on you, […]

High Five: The Best Alpine Ski Trip Destinations

Europe’s alpine resorts are some of the world’s premier skiing destinations. Not only are the valleys and peaks crisscrossed with a dazzling array of slopes catering for all levels of ski enthusiasts, but off-piste five-star hotels, haute cuisine and designer shopping can all be enjoyed at high altitudes. Thanks to a network of helicopter transfers […]

World’s Most Expensive Vodka is Safe in Hong Kong

Imagine the shock when Michel Morren learned from a news alert that the “world’s most expensive vodka” had been stolen. Creator and owner of ‘The Eye of the Dragon’ valued at the minimum, a staggering USD $5.5 million, Michel Morren immediately accessed his vault in Hong Kong where the extravagant bottle of vodka is being […]