The World’s Most Expensive Home

Although property value fluctuates in many different circumstances, the difference will only affect slightly.  There are some areas where prestigious and desirable homes keep growing, thus the price will just keep piling up.  Take the following house for instants, this property will only value more than ever and becoming one of the world’s most expensive […]

Summer Selection of Unique Property

Acquiring new property can be very exciting generally. Finding a home that suits your every need perfectly is something most of us wish. However, this is not always a walk in the park. Several things come in handle when choosing a unique property. Some basic reasons are: Amenities around and near the property Taxes that […]

New UK Stamp Duty in Effect

Autumn Statement 2015  Negatives: * 3% additional stamp duty levy applies across all bands with effect from April 2016 on 2nd homes and buy to let properties Stamp Duty Rates (on purchases) Property value Standard rate Buy-to-let/second home rate (April 2016) Up to £125,000 0% 3% £125 – £250,000 2% 5% £250 – £925,000 5% […]

Real Estate Investment of Rich Chinese

Real Estate Investment

As currency and stock market shares can go up and down like a cycling yo-yo, real estate investment is usually a secure choice. In the past month, the unexpected devaluation of China’s yuan has accelerated an already growing interest in overseas real estate investment. Especially where China’s rich are concerned.  Popular Destination for Real Estate Investment […]

Hong Kong Houses On A New High

Hong Kong (HK) houses market is one of the world’s most expensive real estate market. Although it’s a  weaker phase in the global economy and despite increases in taxes. Still, the city recently has seen a surge of home investors, especially from Mainland China. Contrary to initial forecasts, the prices of luxury homes have risen by 5 […]

How To Buy Your Own Island

Purchasing a private island has often been a rich man’s dream. Although the costs and processes may initially seem endless, the rewards of harvesting your own haven are potentially boundless. Scenery, luxury and beauty are all palmed in a prime plot, which can be used equally for personal, commercial, or even investment purposes. Similar to […]