The Rise of Wearable Tech


In the technology infused world of today, the emergence of tech-wearables has been a hot topic in mainstream lifestyle for a while now. Many companies are joining the wearable tech movement and offering a range of products to an eager consumer base. From the highly functional to the fashion-conscious set there is now something for all. The meteoric advances in technological abilities of manufacturers and the people’s acceptance of the new way have been instrumental in fuelling the rise of the wearables phenomenon.

Before Apple entered the arena, wearables were generally seen to be the toys of the rich. Exorbitant development costs pushed up retail prices and only the very fortunate among us could think of owning one. Today, all that has changed. Wearables are everybody’s accessories and some of us can’t think of a life without them. And marketing plays a big role here with launches sometimes co-ordinated to sync with global events. The information and convenience they offer us is unprecedented and the interest levels spike with each mega-launch. Post the introduction of the Apple smartwatch countless manufacturers have come forward with their own inventions.

The Fitness Trackers

The world is waking up to fitness. Its need though always somewhat acknowledged has become a rage in offices across the globe. It is not surprising then that the wearables industry came up with something to fill this need gap of the people. Fitbit, one such wearable tech, is a household name now. Starting its days off as a basic fitness tracker and recommender it has over time started introducing more and more useful featuresfor its users. But they are not the only ones trying to capture the fitness market. A whole host of brands are trying to enamour consumers and offering a whole range of benefits in the field.

The Smartwatch

Information on your wrist. Literally. For those of us who prefer not to whip out their cell phones every two seconds but would still like to have access to all the information a phone can offer, this one is a godsend. From messages to weather, calls to videos, there is almost no limit to what your smartwatch can offer you. Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smart Watchis a good example in this regard.

Smart Clothing

The wearable market is growing. And everyone wants in on it. Garment manufacturers too. This category is seeing specially made clothing that is infused with conductive materials like silver coated fibres to sense data and stream it in near real-time to devices like a smartphone. Many sports garment manufacturers are developing clothing that can monitor the vitals of anyone wearing them. A great way for athletes to know the conditions of their physical abilities during training or competitions.

As we step into the future it is obvious that newer and newer gadgets and possibilities will present themselves and it may be argued that the convenience of wearables can make them to be the technology device of choice for all of us. As long as it can manage to offer desired functionalities while being non-obstructive in nature.