What Makes Audi Special?

Audi is one of the most famous luxury car manufacturers out there. Throughout the years, they have created certain technologies that were needed at the time, some of which still exist and are widely used today.

History of Audi

Audi is a German manufacturer that produces luxury cars. The company was originally under a different name, which started in 1909. The history has been good, though their first really notable car was a four-wheel drive sports coupe. In 1921, Audi introduced a vehicle with left hand drive, the first car company to ever do that. Twenty years later during the war, Audi began manufacturing for and supplying cars to the military. In turn, they became one of the highest selling cars. However, because this happened in Germany and was involved with America, the auto plant was eventually attacked and massively setback, so much that they fell off the market almost entirely. They kept producing, and have bounced back so much that they are one of the top sellers today with highly sought-after luxury sports cars.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Audi

Audi is at the top of the list for bestselling luxury cars in the world. Currently, the brand is developing a car with self-driving technology, known as the Audi AI. This technology already exists; however, drivers need to touch the steering wheel about every fifteen seconds as a safety check. Audi is working on making this trait disappear, allowing the driver to do other activities such as using their phone safely. If they are successful, they will be the first car brand to accomplish this. For their current cars, Audi was the first brand that created and mass anti corrosion cars, making them last much longer.