What Makes Blancpain Special?

Blancpain is a living jewel of the past, responsible for many innovations that changed the world of watchmaking forever. This year marks the 282nd anniversary of the original Blancpain watch. That’s almost 3 centuries of unparalleled traditional craftsmanship.

History of Blancpain

The ancient and proud dynasty of watchmakers of Blancpain stems from the master watchmaker and keen entrepreneur, Jehan-Jacques Blancpain. He started his humble workshop on the upper floor of his house in Villeret, Switzerland (Bernese Jura in the present-day). After 80 years, Frédéric-Louis Blancpain, great-grandson of Jehan-Jacques and head of the family’s business, decided it was time to modernize the production methods. He went from the traditional workshop to an industrial one that was capable of serialized production. Frédéric-Louis introduced one of the first major innovations of Blancpain to the watchmaking world - the cylinder escapement. This one replaced the crown-wheel mechanism. The end of the family’s management of the firm happened in 1932, when the sole heir, Berthe-Nellie, refused to get into watchmaking. The business was acquired by the two closest members of Fréderic-Emile’s management, and so, were legally bounded to change the name of the company. The luxury watchmaker was relaunched as Blancpain SA in 1983 under the ownership of Jacques Piguet and Jean-Claude Biver.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Blancpain

Blancpain watches are the product of a long line of traditional watchmakers. The luxury watches they offer are unique and individual. The firm produces fewer than 30 pieces per day, and each Blancpain item is the fruit of a single, passionate watchmaker.