What Makes Bombardier Special?

Bombardier is a manufacturer of private jets, transportation equipment, snowmobiles, snow machines and other transportation products with headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

History of Bombardier

Bombardier was founded in 1942 by Joseph-Armand Bombardier, the inventor of the first snowmobile. Initially, Bombardier manufactured only snowmobiles, but in 1986 the company started manufacturing private planes and business planes, as well. Their newest private jet is the Global 7000, which will sell for $73 million. Apart from transportation and aerospace, Bombardier also came to provide a large array of financial services, which is quite atypical. The Bombardier Museum was built in honor of Joseph-Armand and can be visited in Valcourt, Quebec. It was opened in 1971 and lodges some of the original Bombardier designs. The first Bombardier factory was also moved on the premises of the museum.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Bombardier

First of all, the history of the company is what makes it special. Since Joseph-Armand helped build an entire industry, the name of the brand has a lot of weight on the market. Second of all, a Bombardier private jet is wildly sought by the elite. Such a private plane is built with premium materials and costs a fortune. Of course, the fact that it is a Bombardier in the first place impacts the final price. Since a new model was just announced, we can well expect the brand to stand the test of time. Keep an eye on their new model if you are a Bombardier enthusiast and want to purchase your very own, personal jet.