What Makes Cartier Special?

Cartier is a French manufacturer and retailer of luxury goods like watches and fine jewelry with worldwide distribution. It is based in Paris and has generated a mind-blowing revenue of over $6,1 billion as of 2016.

History of Cartier

Cartier was founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Carter and was later taken over by his son, Alfred Cartier. For a lot of time, it was quite an obscure brand. It is only after Alfred passed away that it eventually grew to be a name known all over the world. Louis Cartier, one of Alfred’s sons, was responsible for creating some of the most astonishing watch designs. These eventually propelled the brand amongst the elite. Various joint companies were established afterwards. In 1972, Cartier ceased to be a family business, because it was purchased by Joseph Kanoui, the leader of a group of investors. The brand flourished even more and became known in all the corners of the world.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Cartier

Cartier is a very famous jewelry brand. It has an illustrious history and an extensive catalog of luxurious products made with premium materials. A Cartier luxury watch, for example, is certified and is usually made from gray or pink gold, some of the most expensive nuances. Moreover, Cartier is special because it is one of the oldest manufacturers and retailers of opulent products in the world. And yes, age does play a part in the success of a brand, especially when we’re talking about luxury items like these.