What Makes Céline Special?

Ever heard of the “It handbag”? The accessory that announced to the world that you had it all? The Holy Grail of fashion that every woman was supposed to own? A bag that would be sold out before it even hit the stores? Granted, not everyone could afford to invest in Celine handbags – but those who could certainly had the world at their feet.

History of Céline

Celine had its roots in the Paris of 1945, when Richard and Celine Viplana decided they wanted to open a children’s custom shoe shop. Five years later, they also added leather goods such as handbags, but also focused on creating unique perfume scents for women to wear. It was only almost two decades later, in 1969, that they shifted their business towards ready-to-wear items as well. Ownership of Celine changed starting with 2004, when Robert Menichetti took over. He was proceeded by Ivana Omazic, his assistant, after one year; however, she failed to make an impact on the luxury handbags. It was only when Phoebe Philo came along as the new creative director that the Celine handbags started gaining popularity again – earning the name of the “It bags.”

Rarity & Exclusivity of Céline

Celine is most likely one of the very few brands who gained fame after the ownership has changed. The designs of these bags are always interesting, and regardless of your taste, you are bound to find something that you like. Want a classy black clutch bag? You got it. What about neon edging on a tote? That’s doable. These bags always manage to turn heads thanks to their unique designs and quality.