What Makes Dior Special?

There is probably no person on this earth who has never heard of Dior. No matter if you’re passionate about handbags, perfumes, or clothing, the name would have certainly popped up at some point. This brand has a very rich history and is packed with so many timeless designs that it’s no wonder the brand took off the world. When you hear “Dior” slipping off someone’s lips, you automatically think luxury, desire, and haute couture.

History of Dior

The Dior house of fashion was founded in the Paris of 1947 by aspiring entrepreneur Christian Dior. At first, they only made clothing – but later on, they also started working on fragrances. In 1950, Dior also started designing fashion accessories such as scarves, luxury handbags, jewelry, and furs. Three years later, Dior also launches his first line of shoes. By that time, his line firmly had shops in Italy, Canada, Cuba, and Mexico. Once he joined “forces” with Yves Saint Laurent, his designs became even daintier – particularly the Dior bags. After Dior’s death, Yves Saint Laurent became responsible for the Dior designs, and started producing handbag models and clothing that were riskier and daring. Eventually, Laurent went to join the army, and he was replaced by Marc Bohan, a more conservative designer.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Dior

Other than the fact that it’s labeled “Dior,” the brand is very popular for the fact that it is so durable and luxurious. It uses only the highest quality leather (such as lambskin). Also, the Dior handbags look delicate enough to be worn by a lady looking for elegant designs and extravagance.