What Makes Frank Muller Special?

Franck Muller is the name of the luxury watchmaker known under the slogan of “Master of Complications”. The person behind the firm is actually Franck Muller, an accomplished Swiss-Italian watchmaker with a long line of Horlogerie wonders.

History of Frank Muller

Franck was born in Switzerland, on July 11th, 1958. From an early age, he had developed an interest in all things mechanical. He enrolled in the Geneva School of Watchmaking when he was 15. After some years of remarkable studies, he graduated successfully. His incipient reputation didn't take too long to grow after he became responsible for the repairing of top-quality pocket watches close to an independent watchmaker, Svend Andersen. His exceptional mechanical talent convinced long lines of both auction houses and collectors to send him their treasured timepieces for reparations. After being involved with so many intricate complications, Muller became passionate about their inner workings, and at that moment, he got the idea of designing his luxury watches under his own watchmaker firm. The “House of Franck Muller” opened in 1991, revealing his extensive collection of complicated timepieces that took both Europe and the U.S. by storm. There are few Frank Muller watches in the world, but their quality is outstanding.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Frank Muller

Franck Muller's craftsmanship is exclusive and personal. His factory produces few, limited pieces for a private clientele, but each timepiece is a unique jewel of Horlogerie on its own right. A Franck Muller watch is a tangible emblem of its wearer’s refined tastes.