What Makes Land Rover Special?

Land Rover is a brand that creates hard working cars that keep a pretty look. When people think of a luxury car, they think of something small and sporty that should not touch a speck of dirt. The Land Rover, however, is a larger vehicle designed to be handled like a smaller car, keep the workload of a large vehicle, and be as gorgeous as a luxury car.

History of Land Rover

The original Land Rover car was designed by Maurice Wilks, and is theorized to be inspired by the Jeep brand automobiles. Wilks’ brother jumped onboard, and became the Managing Director. The Centre Steer, their first prototype, was actually built on a Jeep chassis and axles. The first Land Rover was introduced at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1948. However, its original designs date back to 1942. Land Rover is so special, that even King George VI granted the brand a Royal Warrant in the year of 1951. Today, the Land Rover brand creates luxury cars that can handle work thanks to its four-wheel drive.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Land Rover

Land Rover vehicles currently have over two-hundred awards for their innovation and style, and are in the top of luxury cars. It is also the kind of classic SUV you see roaming on farms from time to time, handling curves of mountains, and just being eye candy for someone. The powerful engines help make the car worthy of its name, and they won't give up on you during a tough situation. That goes for the wheels and tires, and the four-wheel drive is what makes the Land Rover brand unique. So, this luxury SUV is great for anyone who likes to travel in style, or has a bit of off road work to get into but doesn't want to look dull.