What Makes Mg Special?

MG is a brand that has become so popular that it was the face of Britain's sportscars. Today, they are well-loved classic cars with a high demand and amazing power.

History of Mg

MG was created after the initials of Morrison Garage and the brand started in the 1920s. The brand MG had been a sports car maker, and had vehicles that won multiple races and prizes throughout time. While the brand is known for its sports cars, it also has classic cars that are more practical for everyday use without taking away looks. The MGB was the first of its kind for MG, and became so popular in Britain that it was basically the face of British sports cars with more than half a million being produced and sold. In 1988, they had stepped their game up even more, and their performance models of the Austin classic car were hitting max speeds quicker than most of the other hatchbacks in that period. After these models, they went fifteen years without making a new sports car. That is, until the year of 1995, when they produced the MGF. This one became the top selling car in the United Kingdom thanks to its power and gorgeous looks. After 2007, it had been through a few owners, and now also works under MG Motor UK Limited, or just MG Motor. The cars returned to the racing circuit in 2012, and in the year of 2014, they took first place at British Touring Car Manufacturers Championship.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Mg

MG continually made progress with their cars and are most well known for their sporty two door cars. throughout time, they have teamed up with other popular luxury car brands, such as BMW. Today, the brand is considered a classic thanks to its history and upkeep.