What Makes Omega Special?

Omega, also known as Omega SA is a heavyweight Swiss luxury watchmaker that has catered to gigantic institutions like the British RFC and the US Army. As if that wasn’t enough, it is known that Buzz Aldrin wore an Omega watch when he stepped on the moon.

History of Omega

Omega was born in 1903, when Paul-Emile Brandt, a barely 24-year old boy, inherited his father’s company, La Generale Watch Co. He was joined by three other people. The company eventually merged with Tissot, another Swiss watchmaker. In spite of the harsh economic climate, Omega managed to bloom under Paul-Emile’s leadership. At the time, both Omega and Rolex were gradually losing ground to Citizen and Seiko, emerging Japanese manufacturers. It was only in 1985, after Nicolas Hayek, the leader of a group of investors, took the company over that it became one of the best manufacturers of luxury watches in the entire world. Omega watches were worn by Jacques Cousteau, Prince William and J. F. Kennedy, among others. They sell for thousands of dollars, the lowest price starting somewhere in the range of $1,000.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Omega

In comparison with other luxury watches, Omega’s timepieces are quite affordable, if we can say so. You can get one for $1k, which doesn’t quite happen with other brands. The second reason why Omega is known all over the world is that their watches meet the highest standards of elegance and functionality. What makes the brand truly stand out is the fact that it has an unprecedented price – quality ratio.