What Makes Rolex Special?

Rolex could be perceived as a self-sufficient universe, being widely cherished, admired and well-regarded. Truthfully, the brand’s name has become synonymous with accuracy, superb engineering, luxury, and classic extravagance.

History of Rolex

It all started in 1905, when two inspired individuals, namely Hans Wilhelm Wilsdorf and Alfred James Davis established the firm - Wilsdorf and Davis Ltd. However, that was due to change, as in 1908, the name of the company became Rolex. Contrary to what one might expect, Rolex isn’t a name that derives from Latin, Greek, or any other language. Therefore, the brand name doesn’t have any hidden meaning. In fact, Wilsdorf intended to create a brand whose name would be easily pronounceable, regardless of language. He wanted something short that would also look impeccable on the watch itself, and that would preferably be symmetrical. After testing numerous letter combinations, Wilsdorf had a revelation when he least expected to. And it was decided: Rolex would be the name of the brand that would become the most prestigious company of luxury watches. From that point onward, everything moved towards one direction: success. In 1914, Rolex watches were granted the class A precision certificate. Until then, the certificate would only be given to marine chronometers. As a result, the luxury watchmaker passed its products through dynamic, vigorous tests. Only afterward would the watch be engraved with the Rolex signature. Nothing inferior to excellence would receive the mark.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Rolex

In order to get a chronometer certification, the mechanism must include elements of the absolute highest quality. Only experienced watchmakers are allowed to supervise the assembly process. Afterward, each Rolex watch is individually tested for two weeks, in different positions and at distinct temperatures. Therefore, every watch adorned with the Rolex logo is manufactured according to precise standards, with the most exquisite materials only. So, each watch could be seen as an emblematic timepiece that serves as a crown of accomplishment for the distinguished wearer.