What Makes Tudor Special?

With centures of craftsmanship and watchmaking experience under its belt, Tudor stands proudly as the unique, bolder brother of Rolex. It has surged in recent times with fresh, bold designs and a new in-house movement, with the popularity of the Black Bay and Pelagos offering "Rolex-quality" watches at a more affordable price point.

History of Tudor

Tudor was initially conceived by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis - the founders of Rolex - as a more affordable alternative to Rolex, yet with the same level of quality that Rolex was famous for. Hence, the Tudor Watch Company was established in 1946, with its name chosen to honor the Tudor period in England and Wales. Their models have remained popular ever since due to its undeniable quality and craftsmanship at its price point, with the company recently enjoying a surge in popularity from the success of its Black Bay, Pelagos, Ranger and Heritage Chrono lines.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Tudor

A Tudor watch is more than just a magnificent piece that shares its traits with Rolex - these luxury watches blend modesty, flamboyance, unique designs and high-end technologies that have made them so successful in the past. Each millimeter of a Tudor watch is developed with the utmost care and attention, from fine details from their "rivet" steel bracelet, the uniqueness of their own in-house movement and the subtle shades of colour on its Black Bay watches - it epitomises the kind of watch a discerning character would wear.