What makes Ulysse Nardin special?

Found in 1846 in Le Locle, Switzerland, Ulysse Nardin is famous for its dedication and production of highly accurate marine chronometers. With a long history of awards for their precision and the use of their watches across the world's navies, Ulysse Nardin stands as the perfect watch for those who love the sea.

History of Ulysse Nardin

Founder Ulysse Nardin worked as an apprentice under some of the leading watch-makers in Switzerland in his time until branching off in 1846, and his company has since set watchmaking standards in time-keeping through its marine chronographs. With the distinction of owning 95% of the certificates for marine chronometers from the Neuchâtel Observatory between 1846 to 1975, 2411 special prizes for marine chronometers and being the watch choice of many of the world's navies, Ulysse Nardin has often maintained its history of producing technically superior timepieces. The new age of Ulysse Nardin has produced some fascinating timepieces such as the Freak, the first watch to contain silicon components and the development of multiple in-house movements in the last 10 years, showing their continued innovation in the modern day.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin crafts some of the most unique watches on the market right now - from the 7 day-tourbillon Freak with no true case, crown or hands to the technically precise marine chronometers, this is the brand for you if you seek something different that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.