What Makes Austin Healey Special?

Austin-Healey is a heart capturing car brand that has attracted many enthusiasts throughout the years. The car is classic, sporty, and always calling for attention on the road. Austin-Healey is a brand of constant self-improvement, that had always been making a better car than the previous.

History of Austin Healey

Originally, the car brand was started by Donald Healey, and later, his two sons came to work with him in his shop. It was later that the brand really hit success. This classic sports car was created from a joint deal, and went on to join up with other popular brands, such as Jaguar, for a limited time, to create interesting and powerful cars. The brand is a real people pleaser, no matter if it is someone who wants eye candy or a road ripper. Even some of the racing models make good street cars, and are usually nice for a racer to practice on if they have some private property for training. Each generation of Austin-Healey vehicles has shown great leaps of improvement and have been highly regarded by enthusiasts and professionals alike. Overall, the quality of an Austin-Healey has turned it into a classic car.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Austin Healey

These cars are sleek with the classic rounded and bright look. Their looks and vivid colors have caught the hearts of many, even leading multiple people to spend years of their life chasing them down to have one of these classic cars in their collection. If you read reviews on any of the Austin-Healey models, you will see nothing but love for the cars. It is one of the top British classics and is arguably a vehicle that every luxury car enthusiast should have parked in their garage.