What Makes Bell & Ross Special?

Bell & Ross is a French luxury watchmaker. They strive to design high-end watches built to withstand extreme conditions while maintaining the luxurious look.

History of Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross was founded in 1993, product of the lifelong friends Bruno Belamich (Bell) and Carlos Rosillo (Ross). They envisioned highly functional luxury watches made for professionals. The first watches produced by the brand shortly after the launch of the firm in 1992 were designed by the German watchmaker Sinn. Initially, Bell & Ross timepieces were almost re-issues of Sinn models. Each carried both the Bell & Ross and the Sinn logos. The partnership between the two firms ended in 2002, and Bell & Ross began its own production in Switzerland. Bell & Ross watches were made for those who needed fashionable and useful watches. One of the most famous Bell & Ross watches is the Space 3, a timepiece so technologically sophisticated that it became the first official automatic watch to be worn in outer space. Despite using the classical Swiss Mechanical Movement, the ampersand-logoed firm has carved their way into recognition thanks to their influence on the “tool watch” market.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Bell & Ross

The philosophy of a Bell & Ross is to build pieces that are tough yet luxurious. In less than 30 years, the firm has done what some brands haven’t even dreamed of in a century. Nothing speaks more about one’s personality than wearing a Bell & Ross watch made to withstand explosions.