What Makes Benetti Special?

Benetti is a shipbuilding company from Italy. Benetti has an interesting history compared to other luxury yacht producers. It had been on top of the game with the original creator’s family, but suffered some financial issues after being sold. Luckily, Azimut purchased Benetti and turned it into the success it is today, one of the world's most sought-after yacht brands.

History of Benetti

The company existed during World War II, and created the first steel-hulled diesel-powered vessel in the area. Later after the war, the company was split into two. The company was passed to one of the sons after the owners died and had both sons working on the company. They kept building wooden boats like their father, but also started designing and producing ships to drive in the sea, including yachts. After the death of one of the sons, it was sold. Benetti suffered some financial troubles during this time, until it was purchased by Azimut.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Benetti

Their yachts are known for the high quality and sleek look, and have won various awards and titles throughout the years. Benetti currently creates custom superyachts and show boats, with their largest stretching up to 164 feet; it is named the Benetti Fisker 50. There are two ways to get a Benetti yacht: you can purchase one from their “Class” option or fully customize your own. “Class” still allows minimal customization, meaning you still purchase a unique ship that fits a little better in your budget.