What Makes BottegaVeneta Special?

Bottega Veneta is revered as the Italian genius who designed many high-fashion items such as leather goods, jewelry, perfumes, clothing, shoes, and even furniture. His luxury handbags were known to last through generations, and his designs were also perceived as timeless – since they would never really be able to go out of style. This brand, now under the ownership of GUCCI Group, has sold thousands of goods worldwide – and will most likely continue selling through the decades.

History of BottegaVeneta

Bottega Veneta first took roots in the Italy of 1966 – specifically, in Vicenza. Its founders were Renzo Zengiaro and Michele Taddei; however, later on, the company gained a new member in Laura Braggion, Michele’s new wife. They separated, however, and the brand would eventually be taken over by Laura, who had an important part in developing it. The first name of the company was “Venetian Shop,” where they would produce and sell various artisanal leather items, including handbags and shoes. Later, the name was changed. The Bottega Veneta bags were particularly popular at that point, since a lot of attention to detail was given to the entire process. The other fashion accessories and clothing items came later on, being popular for their durability and intriguing yet simple designs.

Rarity & Exclusivity of BottegaVeneta

Each model marked by Bottega Veneta has something of a split personality. The woven leather handbag is something of a trademark for the brand, and while the aesthetics may not be easily understood by everyone, they are still highly appreciated for their beauty and their functionality. The models mix various fabrics, all of which blend perfectly in an intricate and beautiful line of Bottega Veneta handbags.