What Makes Jaeger Lecoultre Special?

Jaeger Lecoultre is perhaps the most innovative luxury watchmaker from Switzerland, primarily known for having made large strides in making some of most unique and most complex wristwatches in the entire world.

History of Jaeger Lecoultre

The brand was established by Antoine LeCoultre in 1833. Antoine is considered to be a genius when it comes to making luxury watches, because he always invented mechanisms and took the watch-making process one step further. He created hundreds upon hundreds of calibers (the world’s smallest, too) as well as measuring instruments and keyless rewinding systems. In 1903, a French watchmaker, Edmond Jaeger, got into a partnership with LeCoultre. From this partnership resulted the thinnest wristwatch in the entire world, thanks to the ultra-thin movements patented by Jaeger. In 1937, the company was officially named Jager LeCoultre and their watches became gradually more complex. A Jaeger Lecoultre watch like the Amvox Tourbillon, for example, sells for over €70,000.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Jaeger Lecoultre

Jaeger Lecoultre, as mentioned previously, is a brand whose quality, craftsmanship and innovations are unprecedented to this day. Moreover, Jaeger Lecoultre watches are not mass-produced, therefore people have to fight over them. This might just be one of the very few instances in which the actual name of the brand justifies the often-cosmic price. The expertness that goes into making one JL watch is too much for us to even try to fathom. No matter how much a JL watch costs, you can rest assured it’s worth every penny.