What Makes Koenigsegg Special?

Koenigsegg is a modern brand and has been in the planning since the creator was a small child. The company has an aim at being the most luxurious while also caring for the environment. This is not something many brands can say, especially in the supercars world, which isn't known for being earth-friendly.

History of Koenigsegg

This car brand is luxurious and exotic. Koenigsegg was founded relatively recently, in the year of 1994, in Sweden. The inspiration came from Pinchcliffe Grand Prix, an animated movie. To start funding for his dream, the creator made a trading company where he sent food into developing countries. In their short history, they have become incredibly prominent in the luxury sports car world, and in 2009, the CCXR was chosen by Forbes as one of the most beautiful exotic cars in the world.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg produces most of the systems needed in their own factory. On top of that, the brand is involved with green technology and it’s working on creating their supercars to be much more environmentally-friendly without losing power or beauty. Koenigsegg is also developing cars that run on electricity, after being charged with a plug-in. That is no easy feat with a sportscar, but there is no doubt that Koenigsegg could be the first to make it work. The CCXR is street-legal in most countries, which will please any of its drivers who like to make a show on the road. The luxury car brand is known for breaking records with their cars speed, and will likely continue to do so.