Casa Pagoda

CASA PAGODA eclectic living

is inspired by European design and the Industrial Revolution. The home furnishings collection offer a contemporary take on the classics, mixing materials, paying respect to the tradition of craftsmanship and creating items, which are distinctive and timeless. The result is a combination of what is stylish, cozy and lively.

CASA PAGODA is for you

if you feel strongly about style, and if you are looking for something unique for your home. To satisfy this quest, the brand's mission is to continuously launch new themes. Our vision is to create items that make people feel good, furnishings that reflect diversity, a mix of times, colors, cultures and materials

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Casa Pagoda
Nr 4, Sukhumvit 45 Klonton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 No.15-17 Taikang Road, 200025 Shanghai, P.R.China 上海市卢湾区泰康路15-17号 No.136 Taikang Road, 200025 Shanghai, P.R.China HC:上海市卢湾区泰康路136号 No. 6 South Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, 100027 Beijing, P. R. ChinaTel. +86106591 3491
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