Oi Ling Fine Chinese Antiques

The main focus of Oi Ling Antiques is high-end Chinese antiques, including furniture, pottery, stone pieces and selected bronzes. A mixture of museum representatives, collectors, tourists and expatriates living in Hong Kong frequent the gallery because of the in-depth knowledge and expertise at their disposal combined with scientific authentication certificates.

Oi Ling Antiques' unique blend of expertise and scientific authentication gives customers real peace of mind: visitors to the gallery are assured of honesty and integrity when it comes to making a purchase.

We have developed this website to help you understand the world of Chinese antiques. Please enjoy browsing the site, and do not hesitate to contactantiques@oilingantiques.com if you have any queries.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Oi Ling Fine Chinese Antiques
58 Hollywood Road, Central District, Hong Kong
+852 2815 9422

A Pair of Horseshoe Back Armchair

A pair of large black lacquered horseshoe back armchairs. Age: 18th century. Origin: Shanxi province, China. Material: Yumu...