Original Antique Furniture Ramon Tissler

Original Antique Furniture (OAF) – Specialist for Art Déco und Bauhaus Furniture

Original Antique Furniture (OAF) exists since 2001 and is a cabinet-making and painting-finishing company which has specialized in the restoration and trade of antique furniture, especially from the Art Déco- und Bauhaus-Epochs. Through the years, OAF brought its complete restoration- and production process to perfection and does all restorations and refinements in our own facility in Senden, Germany, we can offer our furniture finishings in an exceptional quality. Also, since we directly sell our furniture through this website to the end consumer, leaving out the middle man (antique resellers) and without using expensive presentation space, we are able to maintain a relatively low price level for our funiture - so really high quality for low prices.


Industriestraße 4 ; 48308 Senden ; Germany
+49 251 4199952

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