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A new generation of Cognac lovers is born
They don’t wear tweed, nor do they smoke cigars. We're sister and brother, Sophie and Max, and we are part of this generation, hoping to rejuvenate the world of Cognac. To us, Cognac resembles a unique mix of different values: While its tradition and cultural heritage is closely tied to the French Charente-region, we find that Cognac still speaks to young internationals that demand complexity, sophistication, and variety in what they experience and create.

Over half a century ago, our grandparents acquired an agricultural property in the Cognac region. Our family roots now extend back three generations. We both feel very attached to this part of the world and to the Cognac production here, which is present in all areas of life.

Alongside walnut and apple plantations, our family farmed wine and distilled Cognac. Since we can remember, friends and neighbors have made Cognac and shared their secrets with us, traditions that had been passed down to them over generations.

Cognac Expert honors these traditions by tying together our love for the region, ambitionto innovate, and fascination with sharing knowledge globally via the internet. 5th Anniversary Notes from Cognac producers & friends
“Cheers to Cognac-Expert for their 5 year anniversary! You’ve reached VSOP aging, and will ultimately become an XO… Happy Birthday to the best Cognac website worldwide!” Roland Legaret, DEAU Cognac

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Cognac, France