Fratellidoro aims at celebrating the charm of Cars with unique gold 18 k jewels and exceptional artisanal craftsmanship. The details and characteristics of each car are an integral part of its soul and the dream that a design, sometimes simply unique, has built in the minds of everyone. It is precisely the unique essence present in all Fratellidoro jewels to make them timeless icons to collect. All lovers and collectors, in fact, can now enjoy the precious lines of these classic and super classic cars, or modern supercars, crowning the great myths desired worldwide.

The end result is a jewel of rare beauty designed with the most precious materials to enhance the value of the Automobile that, with its tiny size, inspires pure grace and elegance.

Now avaible for all jewellery and car lovers, for the first time, exclusive rare precious pieces that are unique in the world.Le #Gold Cars f’d.

Celebrate your special occasion with the charm of #Gold Cars f’d, unique jewelry of exceptional craftsmanship.

First • Unique • Exceptional

Only the best cars become #Gold Cars f’d.

Our jewels are all limited etidion, only 5/9 pieces in the world for each model.

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