Wheels 4 Mansions

Wheels4Manions traces its orgins to the spring of 1999 in Miami Florida. By pursuing a love of vintage autos Mr. Ray Monty
decides to step away from the oil and refinements industry and decides to dive wholeheartedly into the collection of fine
automobiles as a way of looking fondly and nostalgically back when "made by hand" "bespoke" "made to order" was a symbol of
pride refinement and culture. Later that year while attending world renowned Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance Mr. Monty strikes
up a conversation with prominent collector, philanthropist and fellow luxury enthuthiast Mr. Nicholas "Nick" Diaghilev. With a
collective vision they endeavor to excell in the luxury car market and jointly bring the skills and crafts of Florida East Coast coachbuilders for the purpose of enhancing the brand and creating rare pieces of art on wheels. With a mindset that says "Luxury sets the price; price does not set luxury" the pair embark on expanding into fine and distinct jewelry collection, cigar collection, fine spirits and other rare collectibles. Today Wheels4Mansions is pursuing the uber luxury market and its penetration with a dedicated business growth strategy which involves out-of-the-box marketing initiatives with the intent to expand and bring its products and services to the international affluent and High-end Connoisseur.

United States

United States
1200 Brickell Avenue Miami, FL 33131 USA