Smart Immo

The company Smart Immo, specializes in seasonal rental on the island of Reunion. Created in 2012 by Anthony Martin and Fanny GAUTIER. Today, the agency has a team of 8 people with a communication service administered by Fanny GAUTIER and Lorenza BOUC, a management service managed by Hélène GAUTIER with two teams of 2 people (south and west of the island). The transaction service is followed by Anthony Martin.

Our modern and innovative agency brings the best of seasonal rental. Our services (Communication, Management and Transaction) have unique services in Réunion to meet the expectations of the owners, investors and tourists of the island.

A high performance web application allows owners to reserve their villa according to their needs and control the evolution of the filling rate of their property. Our professional ethics allows us to win the confidence of the owners, and our desire is to ensure the satisfaction of the tourists in order to promote the rental of holiday villa on our Island.

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Mail de Rodrigues Bâtiment le Magellan - Lotissement 131 L'Ermitage les Bains, 97434 Ile de La Réunion