Van der Veken Jewelry

J.M.C. Van der Veken is a Belgian High Jewelry atelier, founded in 1952 by Joseph Van der Veken. We specialize in creating important one-of-a-kind statement jewelry.
Every jewel is painstakingly crafted by hand by our Master-goldsmiths. Our goldsmiths are handpicked out of the most promising students of the craft schools. They are given an extra in-house training. During this training we improve their basic techniques until they match our very high standards. We also introduces them into our own techniques and craft secrets, which we have developed over the course of the last six decades. This training takes three years, after which they may call themselves goldsmiths.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Van der Veken Jewelry
Rijfstraat 2-4 2018 Antwerpen Belgium

Ring Entourage Marquise-cut

Ring in platinum Set with central diamond Marquise-cut. 1, 21 ct. G SI2 Set with diamonds around the central stone and in the...