Maria do S.B.D


I am a successful person in life in every way, happy, fulfilled and balanced most of the time.

I have a fantastic husband whom I met in 1980 in Rio, and to this day every year gets better. I often tell friends that he is as good as a vintage wine, the more time passes the better he becomes, and this is rare and precious.

I am a mother of four daughters and a son who fill me with happiness, and all are doing well in life.

All these things happened after 1979/80: were they caused by the of colors in my life?

I would say so, but the truth is that I'm not sure. It may be, as some say, that everything was just coincidence.

Today I have everything I want and need, but it was not always so!

At 16 I took to the "helm" of my life and charted my journey and sought what I wanted.

In 1979 I reached Rio de Janeiro -my first, carefully plotted, destinatio- and made contact with something wonderful in a second-hand bookstore an art book with a picture of a Kandisnsky painting. I was delighted and thrilled with that COLOR EXPLOSION. I was there holding that book, traveling within that painting for such a long time. I lost track of time until the seller approached and asked if I was okay. I looked at him, almost in a trance, and mumbled something. The only thing I felt was courage: I no longer was afraid of what would happen to me in that great city, nor cared about where I was going to sleep, eat, work ... I just knew I was going to get all I wanted, I just had to choose...

From that moment, I began to orientate myself and to surround myself with colors that made me feel good. I I tried to learn, compare, and find out everything I could about the influence of colors in the lives of living things and it was not easy (for many years we did not have access to "divine" Google).

For several years, I dedicated myself to observing and researching the use of chromotherapy in all shapes and uses. I developed my own ideas regarding the benefits of using the colors and their combinations as way of combating different maladies affecting the body and mind.

As regards my paintings: first of all I do them because I like to and I love the end result. I don’t care if I sell them, or whether people will like them or not.

I am showing my works so that they can criticized negatively or positively.

And if you like them and want to buy one, you can enjoy them as I do, and benefit from the sense of well-being and balance that the paintings, with their their colors and shapes, were created to promote.

Maria do S.B.D

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