Rare By Oulton

Rare By Oulton

Addressing a growing demand for iconic, rarefied statements, father and
son duo, Tim and Oli Oulton, have made it their mission to rewrite the
antiques rulebook through an offering that transcends typical collectors
and dealers and talks straight to the heart of a sophisticated 21st century.
With an avant-garde attitude to sourcing and purchasing, the duo have
procured and curated an eclectic range of rarities they are calling ‘lifestyle
masterpieces’. Traversing the worlds of art, antiques and luxury interiors,
the boutique is set to become the go-to domain for those aiming to
discover unique and original pieces built on the principles of heritage, craft
and irreverence.
As second- and third-generation collectors, rarefied objects of desire have
been in the blood for well over a century; this latest installment
showcases Tim and Oli’s abiding interest in timeless design, unique
creativity and truly authentic craftsmanship.
Tim says: “The 21st century consumer demands irreverence, rarity and
sophistication in equal measure. We’re driven by a passion for rare, storied
pieces and a commitment to continually unearth objects that can set new
milestones in 21st century interiors.”
‘Whilst we are renowned for specialism in objects such as the Louis
Vuitton trunk collection, we also have a far broader objective to inject
energy in to this market, and in doing so cater to a growing passion
amongst our clients for unique statements that provoke conversation and
intrigue in equal measure.’

With a third outpost signaled to open in HK right after this second London
showroom, co-founder Oli Oulton is unapologetic about their quest to
provide a unique perspective to a global market whose habits are changing
‘Our mission is to be firmly recognized as an authority for luxury lifestyle
interiors to those searching for something irreverent, cool and completely

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