Carecci and Figli

About Us

Our mission is to introduce as many Italian imported food and beverage products to Asia for everyone to experience the richness of Italy. “Carecci & Figli is the modern day Marco Polo.”

Singapore Based Wholesale Italian Food Supplier
Carecci & Figli is a Sister Company of Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore Italian Restaurant Chain and Supplier of 5-Star Hotels, Renown Restaurants and Major Airlines

Carecci & Figli Trading (pronounced as kar-reh- chee & fee-lee) came into being in 1990, starting out initially as a producer of pastas and sauces for the Pasta Fresca restaurants which were becoming increasingly popular in Singapore . We have created a winning formula that enables us to produce great volumes of fresh pastas, sauces and other ingredients required to run all our restaurants. Through the years, we have diversified on a lateral basis, and are presently networking with Italian companies to import as well as produce a selection of premium-quality gourmet items.

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Carecci and Figli
230 Pandan Loop #03-01 Singapore 128415
+65 6734 0468

Amarone Della Vapolicella (2008) – Ca’ Del Monte

Origin: Veneto Vintage: 2008 Grape(s) variety: Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara Colour: Brilliant Ruby Red Bouquet: Intriguingly...