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Antique late-19th Century Indian Colonial solid silver repousse ewer, the top band is beautifully chased and repousse' decorated depicting Hindu gods and goddesses in elaborate cartooches, and the bottom band depicting religious processions on tooled matted ground, the handle modeled as a cobra, and lid mounted with a figural finial, the front bearing a shield with the initial. Indian silver depicting deities and religious processions are inspired by the bas-reliefs on the famous temples in southern India and is called "Swami", this style is typically from the region of Madras.

The ewer is not hallmarked, but judging by the quality can be attributed to the famous firm P. Orr & Son (the most important silversmith firm in Colonial South India, reputed to be the largest and best appointed establishment of the kind in India). The firm was founded in 1848 by Peter Orr, a watchmaker originally from Edinburgh. It became famous as P Orr & Sons in 1863. Maharaja Gaekwar of Baroda, Maharaja Holkar and Maharaja of Cohin commissioned impressive silver pieces presented to the Prince of Wales during his visit to India (1875-76). The firm is particularly known for its "swami silver", depicting Hindu deities such as in this set. P Orr & Sons also produced impressive silver pieces in the Victorian style. As is often the case for Indian silver is unmarked, but acid tested shows a 900+ silver standard, it dates to the 1880's.


In Great Condition - No Damage.


Height: 28cm
Width: 14 x 11cm
Weight: 465g

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Location Madras, India
Period c. 1880
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