Apache 42 Renegade

  United States

Drawing from McManus’ heritage with one of the most famous deep-vee designs in offshore racing history, the 41’ Apache® introduced my McManus in 1983 has been recreated into the all-new 42’ Apache Renegade. The stand-up 5-person cockpit and staggered engines allow high-speed acceleration through adverse sea conditions. The Apache Renegade has a centerline helm position and a choice of engine hatch configurations. With a full cabin, the Apache Renegade is a very versatile boat, perfect for overnight excursions, winning poker hands and island hopping. A variety of engine options can easily propel the Renegade into triple digit speeds. The 100% Kevlar and Carbon laminates assure a safe, stable ride in a 20+ year lifespan through thousands of miles of adventures.

Mark McManus' high-performance boat building career began at Cigarette Racing in 1977 and continued through 1984. He was responsible for introducing the Cigarette 38 Top Gun, Cigarette 39 and Cigarette 41 diesel and winning 3 world championships in his time at Cigarette racing.

Mark McManus has developed high-speed, 100% Kevlar and Carbon Fiber powerboats for many influential leaders from across the world.

To see more about this extraordinary piece of craftsmanship please visit Apache Powerboat's Website

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Type Sail
Location United States
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