Batavia was a ship of the Dutch East India Company (VOC).

It was built in Amsterdam in 1628, and armed with 24 cast-iron cannons and a number of bronze guns. Batavia was shipwrecked on her maiden voyage, and was made famous by the subsequent mutiny and massacre that took place among the survivors. A twentieth-century replica of the ship is also called the Batavia and can be visited in Lelystad, Netherlands.

Highlights about this Batavia model ship:

  • This model ship is entirely handmade by skilled and experienced craftsmen, using the plank on frame construction method

  • No kits are use

  • Anchors, decorations, and other intricate details sculpted of metal

  • Meticulously sewn sails, keep shape and do not wrinkle

  • Use high-quality wood such as rosewood, ebony, black wood, mahogany wood.... all will go through processing step pre-construction.

  • Batavia model ships are build according to scale through original plans, drawings and paintings as well as actual photographs ensures the highest possible accuracy.

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